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It's time to change gear™.

Be who you are. There are no rules. Just wear what you love™.

Pink Truck Is Driven By A Mission: Conformity Is Out; Authenticity Is In.

Our designs trigger a feeling of belonging to Pink Truck Nation, a community of Pink Truckers who recognize strength in being unique and support those with the courage to reject stereotypes or buck conformity. As Pink Truck Nation grows — one t-shirt at a time — it unites individuals for who they are, not who they aren’t, because the ties that bind are stronger when our differences are celebrated rather than used as a means of division or ridicule. Most importantly, kids, will thrive by our example of inclusion, learning that labels are for clothing, not peopleTM.

Join us in celebration of unpasteurized and unfiltered personalities. Be the real you. Wear Pink Truck®...real clothes for real people, not actorsTM.

And as Pink Truck Nation grows, Pink Truck can contribute more and more to the causes it supports, especially those impacting the lives and safety of children, through its Pink Truck Hero Project™.

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