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Pink Truckin' in Thailand: A Perfect Fit

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We recently received such an incredible collection of Thailand pictures from Pink Trucker Georgia Critsley of Arlington, Massachusetts, that we asked Georgia if she might be willing to share with us some stories about her trip. She graciously agreed.

Much to our surprise, the story she sent us was more pertinent to Pink Truck than we ever could have expected. Here's what Georgia told us:


What do Pink Truck and Thailand have in common? I came back from Thailand last month after spending two weeks in Bangkok and Chang Mai. I brought my Pink Truck t-shirt (because it's seriously one of the most comfortable t-shirts I wear) and my Pink Truck camo cap (because the sun and I do not get along).

Thailand was amazing. I loved Thailand for so many reasons: unbelievable street food, the shrines on busy city street corners, night markets packed with people, elephants, the fresh produce everywhere. I am already planning my next trip to the beaches of southern Thailand. I know I 'll need lots of sunscreen!

While walking the streets of Bangkok and Chiang Mai (and we walked a lot), I noticed the color pink. It was everywhere -- pink buses, pinks cabs, pink tuk tuks and pink shirts on men, women, boys and girls. Pink is universal in Thailand and is not assigned to only fifty percent of the population.

Towards the end of our trip, we did a day long bike tour of Chiang Mai, and I was wearing my Pink Truck shirt and camo cap. Nu, our bike guide, took one look at my shirt and said, "I love your pink truck!" 

And that leads me to what I loved most about Thailand and the Thai people -- their openness and acceptance of difference. Pink is nothing special in Thailand because it's for everyone, just like Pink Truck. I can't wait to go back!

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