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Heels to Wheels

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A few years back, my favorite cook and Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, went off the ranch a bit and published something other than a cookbook. She published Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, a book chronicling the love story between Marlboro Man (Ree’s husband, Lad) and Pioneer Woman (Ree).

Her story is my fairy tale. Ree and her black heels were headed to Chicago when she was stopped in her tracks by a rancher (whom she calls Marlboro Man). She traded in her heels for his tractor wheels and moved to a ranch. After four children, she launched her own cooking empire, starting with cookbooks.

I dream of being Ree – or at least being her colleague or friend – because I am a cowgirl at heart. Before Pink Truck and my life as a mom, suits and heels were a regular part of my life in the city as a prosecutor. But, occasionally, I'd unleash my inner cowgirl and wear cowgirl boots with my suit. They gave the cops and court officers a chuckle; they'd ask me where my horse was. Here are those good ol' boots (now semi-retired so I can wear my newer boots):

But back to cookbooks – I have scores of them. Most of them collect dust on a long shelf in my pantry . . . except one: Ree's A Pioneer Woman Cooks. This cookbook is the first cookbook I've used for something more than looking at pictures of food I don't have time to cook. I use this cookbook, a lot, for actual cooking. Here's a picture of my treasured cookbook:

This cookbook caters to a novice like me. I need a dictionary to explain terms like “self-rising flour,” “coddled egg,” and “julienned carrot.” This cookbook is gorgeous. It not only has step-by-step instructions for amateurs like me, it has pictures – beautiful colorful pictures – that demystify cooking. Sorry, Julia. As much as I admire you, Ree’s my girl!

So what do cowgirls and cooking have in common with Pink Truck? About three years ago, I was with my truck-obsessed twins a local farm, buying eggs. Farmer Bob let my girls hitch a ride with him on his tractor, which they loved more than chocolate. If I could trade my car in for a tractor, the girls would have Christmas every day. They still swoon when I tell them we are going to the farm to see Farmer Bob.

When you put together the twins’ obsession with tractors and my admiration for Ree the Pioneer Woman, the result was inevitable. The twins and I are very excited to bring you Pink Truck's latest design – Pink Tractor! Pink Tractor is dedicated to Ree Drummond, the modern day Pioneer Woman, and to Farmer Bob.

Pink Tractor hugs, y'all! Check out the fun pics, below!


Note: The Pink Tractor photo shoot pics are courtesy of another local, Paul Harlow and his fabulous good ol' Farmall tractors. Our choice of photo shoot location isn’t indicative of any detractor of our love for Farmer Bob’s tractor.

Enjoying the manure bucket of an International Farmall H style tractor.

Hitching a ride on an International Farmall Super C style tractor, with cultivators for weeding between the rows.

The next few pictures below show (1) the twins on a tractor in late September 2012 (2-and-a-half years old), (2) the twins climbing into a John Deere tractor in September 2014 (4-and-a-half years old), and (3) the twins with Farmer Bob this past October 2015 (5-and-a-half years old).

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